ITL Insulated Hand Tools

Over 45 years ago the area electricity boards in the UK set up a working group of senior engineers and safety officers to establish a specification that all tools needed to meet before they could be considered safe for live line working.

This group included the founder of our company Insulated Tools LLC. in the UK.

All the members of the group agreed that, whilst PVC will meet the requirements, Nylon 11 was by far the best option in that it more than met the requirements for Live Line Working Tools.

Insulated Tools need to meet the following specifications:
The International Specification - IEC (International Electro-technical Commission) 60900-2004
US Standard - ASTM F 1505 Tool Test
The US Standard is identical to IEC but without Category "C" - Extreme Cold Climate Impact Test

From the outset Insulated Tools LLC has adopted Nylon 11 and it is the only manufacturer to do so. The Nylon 11 is applied by means of injection moulding rather than the easier to apply dipping process used for PVC.